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Hello, my name is Brad Hoff.  I have been working with SQL Server and Oracle for several years now.  Throughout my experience with technology, I have found two things keep coming back to me: first, the more I learn, the more I find there is left to know, and second, sooner or later, everyone needs to seek advice/help from those who have faced the same sort of problems before.

The two foremost purposes of this blog are to journal my thoughts and experiments as I learn more about SQL Server and to provide some helpful ideas for anyone who may find themselves in need of them.

I truly enjoy learning about many, many things, one of which, is databases.  So, since Philosophy is roughly translated to “the love of knowledge”, I feel SQL Philosopher is a fitting name for a blog about learning as much as I can about SQL Server.  I may throw some actual philosophy in from time to time, but definitely not as a rule.

the unindexed table is not worth querying

~ The SQL Philosopher ~

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