The Day Before SQLskills Immersion Event 3 – High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Tomorrow starts my third SQLskills Immersion Event.  I took the first two in Chicago (May & Oct 2011), and they were both phenomenal!  They are led by my friends, Paul Randal (Blog | Twitter), Kimberly Tripp (Blog | Twitter), Jonathan Kehayias (Blog | Twitter), and Joe Sack (Blog | Twitter).  So, we have all gathered here in Tampa, FL to improve our knowledge.

Each class has been chocked full of great knowledge with tons of very deep dives and little-known facts.  I am expecting IE3 to be no different.  HA and DR are a huge part of my job and I am always trying to improve on these aspects of my databases.  I am hoping to walk away from this class with new tips, tricks, and ideas to not only improve my current environment, but grow my understanding of SQL and improve my “craft” in general.  One thing is certain:  if you are at a SQLskills Immersion Event, you are serious about deepening your knowledge of SQL.

One extra-curricular note about SQLskills Immersion Events: when they say “Immersion” they mean it!  You have the option to spend a lot of time with your fellow students as well as the teachers.  I love connecting with others in the community, visiting with those I’ve met before, and meeting new people as well.   It is very refreshing to spend time with others who not only love SQL, but also love talking about a wide range of other topics; sometimes we even get into a little philosophy.  😀

I plan to post an update later in the week or at the end of the event.  Until then, I’ll be fully “immersed” in SQL knowledge!

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