Intellisense Space-Completion Change in SSMS 2012

Microsoft added Intellisense to SSMS in 2008 and many of us have come to love this feature.  However, in 2012, one of my co-workers noticed a problem (from his perspective) in the Intellisense completion action.  The default configuration of SSMS 2012 is such that you can no longer complete an Intellisense selection using a “Space”.  I never noticed this issue because I use “Tab” to do my completions, which still works correctly.  My co-worker was further annoyed to find that there is no way to change this in the SSMS “Tools–>Options” dialog, as you might expect.  However, there is a fix available.  As noted in this StackOverflow Article, if you hit CTRL+ALT+SPACE, the input mode is changed and space works once again.  I hope this helps someone who may have been frustrated by this.

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